Don’t wait, accept the challenge TODAY!

Don’t wait, accept the challenge TODAY!

How to Create Everlasting Intimacy through Total Wellness Challenge

Did You Know?

Studies show that 85% of men and women over 30 are unhappy.

They don't like how they look.

They don't enjoy how they feel.

They lack the energy to do anything enjoyable and let's not get started on the flame in the bedroom that has just flat out disappeared.

The way they feel spills over into their entire lives.

When you don't feel good you stop trying.

You stop trying to lose weight.

You stop trying to improve your relationships.

Most importantly you stop trying to become your best self.

What does this look like?

Unwanted pounds.

Constant arguments with your spouse and a lack of intimacy.

What if we told you we can help you no matter your age.

Your energy can increase.

You can get rid of the weight.

The flame in the bedroom can return and never go out again.

You can experience a level of intimacy you've never imagined.

Well it's true....we can help you.

Join us in our FREE 5 Day Challenge where we will be revealing how you can

Take the first step toward managing your Total Wellness and having the best year ever, THE BEST LIFE EVER!

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You can participate from ANYWHERE in the world at The Everlasting Intimacy through Total Wellness 5 Day FREE Challenge!

May 16 - 20, 2022

BUT Dr. Mia, What happens after Day 5?

The journey continues, but it is top secret. Just be sure to mark your calendars for 5 days of a happier, energized, more relaxed version of you that will be well on your way to Live well. Age Well. Experience Everlasting Intimacy! 

Don’t wait, accept the challenge TODAY!


Mia Cowan MD FACOG MA MBA, aka “The B3 Specialist,” is among the country’s most well-known and respected board-certified gynecologist. She travels throughout the world teaching strategies for improving the quality of life of women & men struggling with weight gain, fatigue, and sexual dysfunction. Dr. Mia also provides exemplary care to adolescents and women of all ages for their gynecology care. She has special interest and training in hormonal balance, weight loss and TOTAL wellness.  

Dr. Mia LOVES coaching her followers “Ageless Belles” to “live well, age beautifully” through media, speaking, writing blogs and books. Her mission is simple- to provide her Belles with actionable strategies to experience beauty, balance and belief so they can LIVE THEIR BEST HEALTHY LIVES.


Joseph Brown Jr. is the Male Health and Intimacy Consultant.

His goal is to teach men suffering with fatigue, weight gain and sexual dissatisfaction improve their quality of life through our MiBella Wellness Solutions. MiBella offers weight management, total wellness solutions, hormone pellet therapy and intimacy solutions for men who want to live a life of total wellness AND ENJOY EVERLASTING INTIMACY.